Behind the lenses: Shirt Up!


My first shoot for the summer goes to Shirt Up! If you haven’t heard, Shirt Up!’s got the coolest shirts in town! 

For this shoot, I also did the make up (yey!) and Cara, over here, was our all-around. From hair to directing, yes, she did it. 

Here are some random snapshots from the shoot: 

Shoots, especialy with friends, are always fun. The team is made up of the usuals: Johanna for styling. Josh and Justin were our male models. Riana Pangindian, over here, is my friend from Jzone. People always mistake me for her or vice versa and that’s how we, actually, became friends. So yes, we got to bond more here. 

Riana is… I can’t explain. Let’s just say if I can rename her, I’ll name her Maria Clara. There, you know what I mean. 

Sigh, Riana is so gorgeous here, if only I shot it better! 

Gah, I need to hold the camera more this summer. I realized I haven’t touched the camera until this. (Explains my stagnant blog) 

I should probably start a 365 project or something. :)) 

Shirt Up!
MNL, Philippines